Thursday, February 28, 2013

Bag Raid

School works has been sooooo tough to me! :(( But still I'm striving to do my best to manage work. studies and my online shop (BTW, I recently opened my online shop you can add and follow it. FB: and IG: @izhing).

OK, back to my blog post. Because my readers are very important to me, here's your bag raid request!! (Sorry for my stuff :P It might disappoint you guys).

My Michael Kors Monogram Calista Bag in Black 

My Make-up Kit (I don't usually bring all of this!! :P)
1- My Business Wallet 
2- My Coin Purse
3- My Card Holder
4- Liz Clairborne Wallet (Oldie color :P)

1- Fashion Fund Wallet (my sun pocket-wifi wallet)
2- My handy pocket wifi (THANK YOU SUN!!)
3- Smint Candy
4- Goodey comb

1- Perfume Sprayer
2- MAC Mascara
3- Sun Block from my derma
4- Make-up remover Etude House
5- Loriel Eyeshadow
6- NARS Blush-on
7- Brush from Etude
8- Mac Eyeliner
9- K-Palette 1 Day Eyeliner
10- Revlon Concealer
11- Mac Mirror
12- Mac Foundation
13- Smashbox lipgloss
14- My windburn body

1- Esprit Umbrella
2- Cords
3- Mpow Portable Bat
4- Belkin Charger
5- Ipod Nano

1- Kipling Ipad Case
2- My Samsung Tab

This for now my dear leaders!!! :D Hope you kinda enjoy it!!! 


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