Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

Let me share my new online shop discovery :) I was so hooked with the style of the clothes they are selling and it made me so eager to buy as soon as possible (even holiday won't stop me) so despite the long line in the bank, I was still able to deposit the payment on time! :)

La Riva CLthng is an online shop that offers free shipping within metro manila. They also sell accessories at La Riva Accssories. They sell a lot of stylish clothes in a very affordable price. :)

Now let me share my experience:

Made the payment last October 30 in the afternoon and my item arrived today! (November 1) even though its holiday. :P (lucky me!)

(Sorry for the poor quality of pictures. I'm to lazy to use a better camera O_O)

See the cute bag canvas bag :)

My purchase! Jeggings and two peplum blouses (MORE TO COME!!!)

My favorite purchase (my readers know how addicted I am when it comes to RIBBONS!!)

Please do visit La Riva CLthng


Monday, October 22, 2012

Saturday Class

Jumper Dress: Bazaar
Bag: Lacoste
Shoes: Cotton-on
Watch: Swatch
Bracelet: Pandora

Thanks for dropping by my site! CIAO!

Good Night! :)

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