Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Day :)

Went to Rockwell Tent last June 16, 2012. I was so excited to attend this event because I was kinda sad when I wasn't able to attend the BU3 (Bazaars makes me go crazy :p  It's my way of releasing stress and  Luckily, I won some prizes from Belle York (Thank you so much Abi! :) It was nice meeting you.) The place was full of nice items and friendly sellers :)

Ticket for the event! :)

My Attire for the event :) I don't want to stick to black & white theme that's why I added some Blue in my outfit :). 

Some of my purchase. Forgot to mention that MANGO is also on sale!! :D and it's up to 50% off! :)

Meet Abi! :D She's the owner of Belle York such a sweet, pretty, friendly and sexy girl :D Nice to meet you Abi! :D (Sorry for the ugly face of mine)

My prize! :D Thank again Abi! I soo love it! 

My walking bank account :) I sooo love my Mom She's the coolest and most generous Mom EVER!! :D 

It was really a super fun day! :D Shopping is one of my bestfriend :) Thank you Mom for making my day and Thank you Rockwell tent for making my eyes happy :) Until my next blog! :D Ciao!

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