Tuesday, November 27, 2012


HK is one of the best place for me. :) I like the clean surroundings and how hardworking they are. It is also indeed a good shopping place. November- February are the best month to go there due to the cold weather.

I went there last February and went back last November 23-26, 2012 :) 
I'll be very glad to share some of our pictures to my readers.

We arrived at HK at around 6:30pm and this is my first meal! :D 

1st day: Night Market time!

Hainanese Chicken

Banana and Apple Milk Shake :)

Free Breakfast at Mcdonalds. :)

Starter :P Dumplings!

2nd day Lunch :) 

My dessert :) Pudding! 

Mama's dessert. Mango Pudding.

Midnight Snack! I sssssooooooo love this egg tart from KFC. 
Dear KFC please sell Egg tart here in our country!! 

3rd Day: We stayed at Disneyland Hollywood hotel and the went to Disneyland! :D

Lunch at Disneyland

Tita Dina's Lunch

Darla's Lunch

Mama and Mine!

Dinner at Disneyland Hollywood Hotel
Mickey Mouse everywhere! O_O

Very yummy fried rice!

Carbonara! :D
Tiramisu at Disneyland!
Tiramisu at Disneyland Hollywood Hotel

Find the Hidden Mickey :P
and Lastly our dessert!

Looking forward for another HK trip maybe next year! :D


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